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Sandwich Doctorates and International Projects

Ph.D. sandwich


  1. Institution abroad: Stanford University, California, USA
  1. Advisor in Brazil: Robson Coelho Tinoco; Coadvisor abroad: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
  1. Dissertation title: “For an impossible phenomenology of emotions: imagination and presence in the literary experience”

Abstract: This dissertation proposes a way to read literature that focuses on possibility of the mobilization of affection and somatic insertion of the reader in the world of things, via imagination. As hybrid dimension of consciousness, imagination is the power that triggered the literary text insertes the reader’s body in the living experience of reading, which, otherwise, would reduce the production of meaning, with all the energy of the text and reader becoming reflection..

  1. Travel date: 01/09/2014; Date of return : 30/11/2015


  1. Institution abroad: Cape Verde University
  2. Advisor: Sara Almarza, Coadvisor abroad: Manuel Brito-Semedo
  3. Dissertation title : “The formation of Cape Verdean identity in the work of Germano Almeida.”

Abstract:  This research investigates the representation that the Cape Verdean writer Germano Almeida proposes in the formation of the identity of his country in the post-colonial period, as well as examines the marks on the literature of Archipelago that shows how Cape Verdeans see themselves.

  1. Travel date: May 28, 2015;  Date of return: May 21, 2016..


  1. Institution abroad: Faculty of Arts, University of Lisbon – Portugal.
  2. Advisor (UnB): Pippa A. Bergamo, Coadvisor abroad (FL / UL): Ana Mafalda Leite
  3. Dissertation title: “ The historical novel of colonization: the transgressive artistic figuration of the past in The great grandson of the King by Haroldo Maranhão, The glorious family by Pepetela and The ships by António Lobo Antunes”

ReSummary of activities: Rogério Max Canedo Silva researcher developed a fruitful research references at the University of Lisbon, more closely at the Faculty of Letters, which had the services available in the Institution Library, and participated in academic events at the same University and the Coimbra University, Portugal.

  1. Travel date: 15 August 2015; Date of return: February 15, 2016


  1. Institution abroad:  Université Paris IV Sorbonne
  2. Advisor (UnB): Piero Eyben, Coadvisor abroad: José Leonardo Tonus
  3. Dissertation title: “Of Risks and miasma: the appeals of a text in thought Chronicle murdered home, Lúcio Cardoso.”

Abstract: Chronicle of the murdered house, in its structure and plasticity, composed in tireless language lengthy, appeals including in its anti-humanist and damn powers a force other than the Brazilian literature enshrined in textbooks and canons that crave redemption of the human.

  1. Travel date: 03/08/2014, Date of return: 22/09/2014


MASTERS AND DOCTORATE INTERNATIONAL UNB / Université de Nantes / University of Aveiro

(Construction Protocol aimed at mobility and reciprocity and triple diploma)

Special selection process shared: scheduled for February 2017

The action is a result of negotiations between the researchers who formed the scientific research-program PICNAC network, already with four years of joint actions in France, Portugal and Brazil, which aims to establish an international culmination reference course in the research field and training of trainers in the area of knowledge in which they operate, the universities of the three countries that make up the network: Brazil, France and Potugal.

It is based especially on the New Resolution of the DPP regulating Post Graduate of UNB programs (course approval in the official bodies), which stands out the article below on the technical trip of content, namely:

Art. 7. The University of Brasilia can promote International Post-Graduate Programs, in association with similar foreign institutions to the joint development of research and training activities.

Single paragraph. The International Post-Graduate Programs shall be governed by specific regulations, provided in partnership between the University of Brasilia and the foreign institution congener, with details of the research and training activities.







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