Literary Criticism Dialectic

Study the historical process of art empowerment; the dialectic between autonomy and heteronomy; the historicity of literary genres; the revealing artistic form of the sense of social contradictions; realism and its relevance; the main dialectical critics; history and literary dialectic criticism in Latin America: the universal and local literary creation; national literature and translated literature; translation and literary system; the relationship between art and politics; the social function of criticism.

Literary Comparative Studies

Theories of comparative literature. Intersections between literatures of different linguistic and cultural communities.

Literature and other arts

Studies of literature and other art forms, in intersemiosis processes, hybridization, dialogism and intermediality.

Representation in Contemporary Literature

Study of representations and self-representations of different social groups, particularly marginalized in the various contemporary forms of literary expression, focusing on problems concerning the place of speech and attention to the specificities of speeches.

 Textualities: from Writing to Reading

Theoretical study of plurissignificativas conditions of literary texts. From textual genesis to contextualized reception. Interweaving of textual tissue and the different readings practices.

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